Kobe Bryant The Creator

Creative and cool
confident moves
paint basketball masterpieces
from hip-hop grooves
on hardwood canvas
using bold brush strokes
of a bouncing ball.
Quicksliver spins blur
into indigo jump shots
accented by
purple dribble drives
with high-flyin'
that pump
into the crowd.
When KB breaks out his palette
to skywalk on clouds,
the POSTERIizer
The Hurry-Up-and-Hustle-Back
shot Vaporizer
Crowd Energizer
In-the-Air Improviser
serving up
sizzling shake-and-break
sketching out masterpieces
with the touch of an artist's hand
using the ball as his paintbrush
KB's ALWAYS in command

What is your interpretation of the poem?
My interpretation of the poem is that to really understand this poem you have to know a lot about Kobe and all the work that he does. He is a person just like you and just like me.

Can you identify any figurative language?
​ ​Yes, i can identify a onomatopeia in line's 31, 32, and 33 "serving up sizzling shake-and-break appetizers." Also I can identify a simile in line 36 "usinng the ball as his paintbrush."
Does your poem fit a certain category? Tell me how it fits the category.
Yes my poem fits a color poem. It fits this because it is creative and cool.

What is the mood of the poem?
The mood of the poem is up beat and fun!
Why did you choose this poem?
I choose this poem because i love basketball and because it is about one of the best basketball players in history.
external image kobe_bryant.jpgI choose this picture because it is a picture of Kobe Braynt.

Cartoon: Kobe Bryant (medium) by salnavarro tagged caricature,sports,basketball,nba
Cartoon: Kobe Bryant (medium) by salnavarro tagged caricature,sports,basketball,nba

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