Analysis of Baseball

It's about
the ball,
the bat,
and the mitt.
Ball hits
bat, or it
hits mitt.
Bat doesn't
hit ball, bat
meets it.
Ball bounces
off bat, flies
air, or thuds
ground (dud)
or it
fits mitt.

Bat waits
for ball
to mate.
Ball hates
to take bat's
bait. Ball
flirts, bat's
late, don't
keep the date.
Ball goes in
(thwack) to mitt,
and goes out
(thwack) back
to mitt.

Ball fits
mitt, but
not all
the time.
ball gets hit
(pow) when bat
meets it,
and sails
to a place
where mitt
has to quit
in disgrace.
That's about
the bases
about 40,000
fans exploded.

It's about
the ball,
the bat,
the mitt,
the bases
and the fans.
It's done
on a diamond,
and for fun.
It's about
home, and it's
about run.

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  • My interpretation of this poem is that i like the rhyming and wording of it!
  • Yes,I have an Idiom in my poem.
  • I think I have a free verse poem because it rhymes but it isn't a concrete poem or anyother kind of poem.
  • The mood of my poem is agresive because in baseball/softball you have to be agresive to play.
  • I chose this poem because it fits me,I love to play softball and thats what I do so thats why I picked this poem.
  • The author is May Swenson.She taught poetry at Bryn Mawr,the University of North Carolina.In 1954 she got 10 poems published.