The All-Time, All-Sport,All-Star Team

Since Ali's the greatest,
let's hire him as coach;
then, we'll draft Jesse Owens.
His long jump wins my vote.
We just might need a big man,
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
And golfer Tiger Woods
will finish under par.
We'd better get a pitcher;
so round up Satchel Paige.
Then, he'll call Jackie Robison
from the batting cage.
Get Florence Griffith Joyner
for her hundred-meter dash
and a pair of tennis players-
Althea Gibson, Arthur Ashe.
Enlist Major Taylor,
he's lightning on a bike;
and running back Jim Brown,
who zooms when he hears,"Hike!"
Catch sprinter Wilma Rudolph,
who triumphs through sheer will.
Tap point guard Micheal Jordan to give the fans a thrill.
Then, ask Magic Johnson
to cast just one more spell:
May all-stars light new stars
and never bid farewell.

  • What is your interpretation of the poem?
    I think that my poem is all about the famous black athletes.
  • Can you identify any figurative language?
    There is a metaphor line 18.
  • Does your poem fit a certain category? Tell me how it fits the category.
    My poem is a
  • What is the mood of the poem?
    The mood of my poem is haplpy because it's telling about all the great athletes.
  • Why did you choose this poem?
    I chose this poem because it's all about African-american athletes.
  • Import a picture to symbolize a meaning in the poem. Tell me why you chose that picture.
    external image Ali.jpg

    I choose this picture because Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest African-American boxers of all times and he is mentioned in the poem.