Welcome to Your Poetry Wiki! Getting Started

  • Click on new page (see right)
  • Then click edit
  • Now you can create your own webpage.


1. Choose a poem that you like. Type the poem on your wiki page.
2. Answer the following questions about the poem.

  • What is your interpretation of the poem?
  • Can you identify any figurative language?
    • simile
    • metaphor
    • personification
    • alliteration
    • idiom
    • hyperbole
  • Does your poem fit a certain category? Tell me how it fits the category.
    • haiku
    • tanka
    • limerick
    • color poem
    • concrete poem
    • free verse
  • What is the mood of the poem?
  • Why did you choose this poem?
  • Import a picture to symbolize a meaning in the poem. Tell me why you chose that picture.
  • Find a cartoon, video, or other graphic to go with the poem.
  • Who is the author? Write a few sentences about the author.

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